Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mommy and Daughter Time!!!

So last night the boys literally took over the T.V. from the time we walked in the house it was Spider man this or Iron Man that. My son is obsessed with super heroes these days.

Well Bra'Cayla and Mommy not so much. I can watch one episode, but not 3 or 4. lol
I decided to spend some quality time with Bra'Cayla. We cooked dinner together and while it finished we played in our makeup!!!

Super Girly Power!!!

Last night we made Vegetable Brown rice with Mushrooms and sauteed onions with Sausage!!! Bra'Cayla cut up the mushrooms (with a butter knife and the help of mommy)! She also prepared the pan for the sausage. She placed the foil in pan and then we put it in the oven.  For the rice she helped measure and put in the pot the frozen mixed vegetables.

Bra'Cayla really liked helping me out in the kitchen.

She kept telling her dad she cooked all night. Lol!

The second part of our special time we played in makeup. Just a girly thing we do sometimes.

Ladies spend quality time with your daughters and always tell them you love them!!!!!

Til next time!!!!!

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