Thursday, August 25, 2011

Men & Women Who Cheat. Why????

I know this is an age long question. I guess no one will ever know the real reason. I have never cheated on my special someone, but I have been cheated on before. My definition of cheating is when your partner or spouse is giving someone else attention that is inappropriate. It can be emotional or physical. People have their own definition of what cheating is, but this is mine.

I was reading this article on, and they listed these situations that most commonly lead to infidelity.

  • Being close or interdependent on someone other than one’s spouse
  • Being around someone who is sexually interested
  • Spending a lot of time one-on-one with someone else
  • Not feeling close or connected to one’s spouse (e.g., feeling lonely, being upset or angry with a spouse, etc.)
  • Situations that create the sense of opportunity - the feeling that one will not get caught (e.g., meeting someone in private, out of town trips, etc.).
  • Situations involving alcohol or drugs

Now, I can see how these situations can lead to someone cheating once, but what happens when a person continues to cheat over and over and over again. Now tell me! What is the reason that they cheat?

In my opinion, so many people take their commitments and promises very lightly. They don’t have any respect for their partner or spouse. They throw around the word love so loosely. But do they really love that person. I think not, maybe a strong like.

What do you think?????????

Here is the link to the article I was reading.


  1. Girl, that is an age old question & coming from being on both sides it is not fun when karma comes back... So lesson learned I never have done it again... But I agree love is thrown out so loosely & not taken serious once the commitment is finally all there.

  2. Cheating is something that I have done before and I am not proud of. No matter how things shape up when it is over, the feeling of worthlessness and disgust always seem to haunt you. The crazy thing in the matter is that the reason I cheat is because of what someone else did to me. I vowed that I would never end up on the short end again. So to shield myself I risked everything I love. NOT WORTH IT AT ALL!!!!!!!!

  3. My brother in law, who cheated on my sister, told me it was because he didn't respect her. He had sort of seen life as a game where you're trying to get as much as you can, he didn't respect his wife, and so he cheated on her to get as much as he could.